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Epically Long Answers
Epically Long Answers
Ian McCullough
Jon Davis
Quora User
Betsy Megas
Julie Prentice
Eric Jang
Eric Jang, studying Deep Learning at Brown, fmr Eng. Intern at Google
24.3k Views · This answer won a $500 Knowledge Prize (Donated to GiveDirectly) · Upvoted by Nikhil Dandekar, worked on machine learning at Microsoft, Foursquare and Quora and Jeff Ronne, worked at 22 silicon valley companies in 32 years
Most Viewed Writer in Artificial Intelligence
Anthony O Hughes
Anthony O Hughes, World War II historian
Jon Davis
Jon Davis, Writer and Blogger on Military, Veterans, and Middle Eastern Affairs.
7.7k Views · Most Viewed Writer in Technology with 30+ answers